Get oEmbed and Meta data of the urls to create rich media content for your users


Works on Any Website

Works on any website that supports oEmbed and meta tag summary. You can either user the oEmbed html or the card build using the meta tags.

Keep Users Engaged

User engagement in you webpage increases when providing embeded 3rd party content

Simple Rest API

Just a simple rest api, no complications. Call the api and get the response in json format.

Fast Response

Only limited by the response time of the given url

Plan and Pricing

Basic plan
  • 2,500 Requests / Month
  • 5 Requests / Second
  • Hard Monthly Limit
Pro plan
  • 12,500 Requests / Month
  • 100 Requests / Second
  • $0.001 / Additional Request
Ultra plan


  • 150,000 Requests / Month
  • No Rate Limit
  • $0.001 / Additional Request